A summer camp on the coast of Maine
A Traditionally designed home in Wilmington Vermont
A renovation of an old stone building into a modern residence.

Christmas Cove

Summer home on the coast of Maine

Lisle Hill House

New house with historic styling

Stone Library

Renovation of a stone library into a new energy efficient residence

Robert Swinburne, AIA - Architect

Completed Projects:

In Process:

Robert Swinburne designed this supe insulated home in Vermont
Robert Swinburne built this as a guest house at his home in Halifax Vermont
A modern addition to an old ski home

West West House

New super efficient family home in Westminster

Fern House

Screen house in the woods for summer napping

Higley Hill Mod

Additions to a 60's ski house in Wilmington, VT

This will be a LEED certified, Energy Star Home in Halifax Vermont

Perry Road

New super green house in Halifax, VT

Pinewoods Camp

Various projects for a dance camp in Plymouth MA

Robert Swinburne renovated this old house into new apartments and low income housing

Moore House

Restoration / Renovation apartments in Wilmington

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.These are various renderings of additions to existing houses
Robert Swinburne has worked with this builder on several houses and additions

David Powell

various projects


providence house

Photo Renderings

various projects

This will be a large timber frame home in Marlboro Vermont

Upper Dover House

Large new "traditional" home

Robert Swinburne's daughter

Small Child

Long term project

This house was a classic New England Cape designed by Robert Swinburne

Snow Road

Classic cape in East Dover

Bob's Barn

my super low budget
barn / studio


Providence Sustainable Housing Design Competition

(pdf file)

sip house

SIP House

structural insulated panel house


Energy Star

craftsman style

energy efficient


New House

in schematic phase

project index background