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Professional Organizations




American Institute of Architects

National Council of Architectural Registration

United States Green Building Council

Vermont Green Building Council

Building for Social Responsibility and Vermont Builds Greener
Structural Insulated panels - I have designed several "SIP" buildings
source for locust lumber
Greenhouse supply catalog that is a good source of lots of fun stuff you can use in building and gardening projects.

Concrete Detail - concrete countertops right here in Brattleboro


Architects and related professionals

5 Cat Studio - A friend's firm in New York

Skaala design - a friend's firm in Maine

Burr and McCallum Architects
I like their work.

Cutler Anderson Architects - a must see

Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects
Amazing West Coast architects, check out thier Gizmos !

David Salmela

Ross Chapin - yet another Washington State architect whose work I admire


The American Institute of America has a pdf document on hiring an archtiect.

Environmental News Network has good quick information on all things enviromental and newsworthy including green building




Dwell Magazine - real world modern living

The Journal of Light Construction
-if your builder doesn't read this, find another builder.

Fine Homebuilding

Mother Earth News

Environmental Building News

Residential Architect Magazine




My wife's therapeutic heat pack business
painter: he captures the blue time perfectly.
a Brattleboro area circus school.
amazing clay architectural sculpture


Architectural Salvage
White River Junction - huge
Brattleboro building salvage
A builder who has built some of my work.


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