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These are various view of the model
This shows the chimneys and the dormer
Project: Stone Library
Builder: Kent Webster

A mid century stone building originally built as a library. The exterior has wonderful character and we tried to maintain that while expanding the footprint and creating a new and much more energy efficient residence. New insulation is soy based foam and the heat system is a wood/oil combination boiler by Tarm with a huge water tank for thermal storage. The interior spaces are as beautiful as the view. We added a garage with a sunny room and roof deck above and a small dormer room on top of the house. We gutted the house and opened up the ceiling as shown in the third photo.

the south face of the stone library
no image
stone library
no image
The sunporch on a sunny day
background layout
The view of the fireplace wall
The view of the kitchen wall with no cabinets installed yet
Robert Swinburne, AIA - Architect